Philip “Brave” Davis – The Man, The Politician, The Attorney, The Visionary

The Hon. Philip Edward “Brave” Davis, an accomplished attorney, parliamentarian, philanthropist, family man and sporting enthusiast was born in New Providence on the 7th June, 1951. A passionate and determined patriot with humble roots, Brave is the eldest of eight (8) children born to Brave Edward Davis of Old Bight, Cat Island, a noted PLP Stalwart Councillor and party general since 1956 and Dorothy Davis (nee Smith) of Alexander, Exuma.



Early Years

Brave moved to Cat Island at the age of two (2) to live with his grandparents where he spent many of his formative years. Young Brave often attended school in Cat Island with an older relative although too young to be formally enrolled. Several years later, Brave returned to Nassau where he continued his education. He grew up in a very modest two (2) room wooden house with his parents and siblings on Lexington Avenue off Wulff Road, which was later physically moved to Rolle Avenue. His father, Brave Sr., was a fireman and a hardworker committed to providing opportunities for his children. His mother was a domestic worker and known as a woman of “iron will” and fierce frugality. They instilled a strong work ethic in young Brave Davis, who at the age of seven worked as a gas station attendant to help to pay for his schooling. As a young boy he also worked as a mechanic helper, packing boy, carpenter and construction helper.

Education and Training

Brave was educated at the Eastern Prep School, Eastern Jr. School and St. John’s College. Brave graduated from St. John’s at the age of sixteen (16) with six (6) O’Levels. He took up employment as a construction worker after graduating and was later employed at Barclay’s Bank. While at Barclay’s Bank, Brave’s supervisors recognized his academic ability and analytical mind and encouraged him to pursue studies in law. With much determination and resilience, Brave left Barclay’s and was eventually offered an opportunity to article with Charles Barnwell, a noted attorney. Philip Brave Davis was called to The Bar of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas on 5th March, 1975. Today he is the Senior Partner in one of the leading law firms in The Bahamas, Davis & Co., and is considered one of the leading advocates in the country.

Political Life

As a young man, Philip Brave Davis has always been involved in politics and worked tirelessly for the PLP. He worked as a campaign helper in the historic election of 1967 and in some capacity in every election since. He was elected to the House of Assembly as the Member of Parliament for Cat Island on 6th January 1992 during a bye-election. He was re-elected by the good people of Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador in the General Elections of 1992, 2002 and 2007. Brave has served as the Chairman of the party’s Ways and Means Committee and Chairman of the National Insurance Board. Since the General Election of 1977, he has represented his colleagues in various election court cases and Commissions of Inquiry. Over the years, Brave has assisted many PLP Cabinet Ministers in an advisory capacity, been called on to play a significant role in enforcing party discipline and acted as a mentor for several PLP Members of Parliament.

Community Involvement

A man with a history of service, Brave has served in various leadership positions in many organisations and the community at large. He has been a member of Toastmasters since 1970 where he served as President and later Division Governor. A former President and Vice-President of the The Bahamas Bar Association, Brave sat on the Council of Legal Education and its Executive Committee as well as the Academic Committee of the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica. He was also appointed a Magistrate in the Bahamian court system. An avid sports fan, Brave is a former President of the Sea Bees Swim Club and former Vice-President of the Bahamas Swim Federation and plays in the local softball league. Brave is also a very active member of St. Christopher’s Anglican Church where he is a member of the Vestry Board and the parish’s Synod Representative.

Family Man

Brave is the proud and loving father of six children. He is a devoted husband and married to the former Ann Marie Austin. He prides himself on having a very strong and active family life and spending quality time with his wife and children. Brave has also made considerable sacrifices and was instrumental in educating and providing for the welfare of his younger siblings. He continues to have a very close and warm relationship with his parents.

Committed to Change

Committed to bringing about positive change in The Bahamas, Philip Brave Davis is ready to serve and fight for a better Bahamas. He is determined to ensure that his story of success becomes more common. Stand with Philip “Brave” Davis, Be Brave and Let’s Change the Bahamas.