April 27th, 2012

Good Evening Bahamas!

Good Evening Cat Island Rum Cay and San Salvador

Mr. Party Leader and Mrs. Christie. To my wife Ann Marie.


To you Team GOLD RUSH!

With only 10 more days to go I note desperation has kicked to an all time high deep inside the FNM.

The outgoing Prime Minister better known these days as Hologram Papa Clown, and has resorted to extreme bully and dictatorial tactics.

Those opposite have become so desperate that in the middle of the night they have stoop to the UNTHINKABLE levels.

Running from their record.

Spinning out misinformation.

Signing contracts on the eve of election.

And promising to hire young Bahamians who have been unemployed for years.

The outgoing FNM latest desperate act is the worst I have ever seen in all my political life.

In one family island in particular, a junior Cabinet Minister has resorted to threats;

       taking away food stamps from senior citizens who refuse to vote for them.

They have become desperate, bombastic, cold and it time for them to GO!


His desperation has made him delusional.

When you go to the polls on May 7th, you must remember that 15 of the last 20 years an FNM ran the country.

Have you noticed how they refuse to take responsibility for anything?

In fact they even pretend that they have not been the government for the last 5 years.

I guess things have been that bad they too want to forget!

In fact their desperate act to hide the truth is the worst it has ever been in the Bahamas.

They have little to say about crime and unemployment.


They are mute over the great loss of business in this economy and are speechless on the sale of BTC.

This week, those facts stood in billboards right next to the man who said he has proven leadership.

Poor FNM leadership that delivered crime levels to an all time high, with a record level of murder.

Almost 500 residents have been slaughtered on our streets.

     With more than 305 persons on bail for murder.

     And where less than 20 personshave been convicted.

Poor FNM Leadership that delivered higher taxes across the country on Bahamians.

They imposed the largest tax increase ever in the history of this country on Bahamians and threw hundreds of businesses under the bus.

And when some of these businesses won their cases in court for compensation, Papa Clown appealed and got the decision reversed!

Funny, no shameful – how he now says they should have been compensated.

Many dollars lost and much of our money wasted on legal costs he now wants to pay!

Poor FNM leadership delivered unemployment into the double digits – another record.

Right now, one in every three young Bahamian under the age of 25 is unemployed.

Young Bahamians!…..The FNM has failed you!

I am not surprise to see Mr. One Man Band on TV last night begging for votes.

He should be begging for forgiveness not votes.

After neglecting young people for five years.

After delivering the country into the worst state it has ever been, they have the nerve to ask young people, women, uniform branches and PLPs for support?

Young Bahamians will not forget how in 2009 the FNM put an end to their chance of attaining higher education.

After ambushing the plans to transform the College of The Bahamas into a University, the FNM Government in the summer of that year cancelled The Student Loan Programme.

I recall a young student on that programme, who sat in her dorm in Atlanta awaiting the government’s approval after her family, gathered all the funds they had to pay the lease on an apartment,

– And in tears had to pack up and come back home!

The government waited and waited only days before school was to reopen before telling applicants that the programme was cancelled!


Young Bahamians you must remember that when you walk into that election booth on the morning of May 7th!

Young Bahamian men in particular, who deserved a second chance, should remember this heartless FNM Government.

For it was in early 2008 when the Papa Clown argued that $871,000was too much for the National Youth Service program in Andros. 

He cut the budget.

Then stopped the program.

He blamed young inner-city youth for crime

– and four years later the he wants to talk to young people?

To young Bahamians – those on this park and the many of you listen through radio, television or online through social media around the world – I say to you Vote PLP!

Secondly, women in the Bahamas are voting PLP because they remember the tax burdens placed on them by the FNM.

I recall the tears of a young woman, who took her plight to the nation and wept. She told the story of how her business was crippled by crime.

In that newscast, the young mother shared how after her business collapsed; she fell behind on her mortgage.

She told how after months of struggle to meet those obligations, an eviction notice came and the bank foreclosed.

Young women remember how the mother told of her separation from her children.

In January of this year one lending institution advertised homes for sale on more than 600 homeowners.

Where was the government?

Why did they not work with the banks?

Why they could not produce a comprehensive plan like the PLP to protect homeowners from foreclosure?

They could have done it! They don’t need to say we are going to do it!

And we must wonder, are the Banks now a part of Papa’s special interest group?

To women under the sound of my voice on May 7th you must vote them out!

Thirdly, I now turn my attention to members of the uniform branches,

Bahamas Finest: Police, Defence Force, Customs, Immigration and Prison Officers.

For you the men and women who are the keepers of the gate I want to express sincere thanks!

I also want to add our thanks to the thousands of public officers who are ready for a new day in the Bahamas!

You, are ready for change.

To you all I want to give a special a salute for the work you do for the Bahamas.

Yours is an invaluable sacrifice to our country.

Service is not easy.

It comes with great sacrifice; leaving home to stand at the front line.

You have served under the most difficult of times.

A time of great challenge, yet still found the courage to dawn the uniform day after day to keep Bahamians safe.

I want to assure you that our team is ready on day one to address the many issues neglected by this outgoing government.

Our commitment to you is clear, and therefore I want you to join the country in combing through our 22-year vision plan for the Bahamas.

You have a greater role to play as we expand greater opportunities for you in our next government.

The plan is now online at

And from my lips to your ear I urge every one of you men and women who give tireless service to come with the PLP!

     For we are the only party that truly believes in you and The Bahamas.

My fellow Bahamians,


Last night the soon to be gone Prime Minister sought to have a word for the GOLD RUSH that is sweeping the country.

In 1992, history records Mr. Ingraham spiteful and vindictive exercise against the Father of the Nation – Sir Lynden Pindling.

PLPs, do not forget how mean-spirited and wicked Hubert Ingraham treated Sir Lynden.

Remember his words he spoke:

The maid gone, security gone, the car gone, the dog gone.”

And since he had some words for PLPs, tonight… I have some for FNMs.


The Freedom Fighter of the FNM, Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield believed in the Bahamas.


Sir Cecil believed in making opportunities available for Bahamians, particularly young Bahamians.

He believed in building consensus among his colleagues.

He was a man who shared ideas thatinspired Bahamians and shaped democracy.

Sir Cecil was not the type of man to fire an FNM for asking a question.

Nor was he the kind to remove an FNM who questioned the direction of his Party.

Real FNMs remember him as a person who will not ax party officers because they shared a different view.

Grand Bahama, Sir Cecil would not stall an entire economy because of his hate for one individual at the Port.


Your Party today has become a one-man band.

A Pharaoh who sings to the tune“NOBODY GREATER”!

Sir Cecil would not want you to be in that state.

Sir Cecil would encourage you to FREE YOURSELF! – And Shout out –

     Free at last…FREE AT LAST – Thank God I am – Free at last!


I knew Sir Cecil better than Papa Clown.

I trained to become the lawyer that I am in his chambers – Wallace Whitfield and Barnwell.

So when I speak of this man I know of what I speak!

I urge FNMs near and far to consider these things….and VOTE PLP!

Finally, as I end tonight I want to remind you that we have only 10 more days to go.

Ten is a good number for PLPs.

On this night back in 1965 it was “Black Tuesday”

Sir Lynden Pindling and Sir Milo Butler led the move in Parliament that changed our course in history forever.

Thousands of PLPs gathered on Bay Street in a symbol of solidarity to change the Bahamas once and for all!

Come May 7th, let us vote early. Get on the line before 8am when the polls open.

Martin Luther King Jr asked the question: How long?


How long – Not long before we will put an end to million-dollar contracts to boat captains parading around as building contractors.

How Long? – Not Long – Before Women across this Bahamas shall see an end to the hardship brought about by this abusive government!

How Long? – NOT LONG – before public officers have a government that will listen to them and fight for them.

How Long? – Not Long – before we rebuild a bright future for young Bahamians!

How Long? – Not Long – before we rebuild our nation and put Bahamians back to work.

How Long? – NOT LONG – before we strengthen small businesses and revive this economy.
How Long? – NOT LONG – before peace is returned back to our streets.

Come my fellow Bahamians, my brothers and sisters… with the PLP…

…The Party that believes in you and believes in the Bahamas.

Believe in the Bahamas as we in the PLP Believe in you!


Thank You, God Bless and Goodnight 

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